Where do I park?

Parking at Bridge of Hope is done either in the front or the rear of the building. On Sunday mornings the best place to park is in the rear of the building while on Wednesdays the best place to park is in the front of the building.

What do I wear on a Sunday morning?

Bridge of Hope’s style is casual. Some who attend are most comfortable in jeans and sneakers. While others who attend are more comfortable in their Sunday best: a suit or a dress.

Here’s the most important thing about our style: be yourself.


What should I expect?

Our Sunday’s start in the Connection Center with an opportunity to stop by the Cafe. The Cafe area is warm and easily accessible from the Connection Center and a great place to grab a cup of coffee or treat. As our worship experience begins at 10:30am, you will experience inspiring worship, led in a style consistent with our culture and biblical teaching, shared by our Lead Pastor, Pastor Doug.


Where do my kids go?

Bridge Kids is a fun and safe environment for your children to get plugged into on Sunday Mornings during our 10:30am worship service. Just stop by our Bridge Kids Kiosk in the Connection Center to sign them in. At our kiosk you will be led to the age appropriate space for your child or children. 

Will my kids be safe?

Ensuring your child's safety is our top priority. In order to ensure their safety we perform FBI background checks on all of our volunteers that work with minors in any capacity, have policies in place to keep healthy ratios of adults to kids in our various kids rooms, and require permission slips and medical forms for any off site event.